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Empire in Decline: Are you Prepared?

It's too late to stop the collapse of the American Empire. In fact, if that's your aim, you and I are not in alignment. Read something else.

However, if you recognize that what you're witnessing is the culmination of the prophetic words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. toward the abrupt end of his life: "I fear, I am integrating my people into a burning house." Then you've come to this blog by natural progression and not by accident. Please keep reading.

Taken in context of the time: King essentially meant that for all his efforts to help create a more just society it was being revealed to him that the society was irredeemable at some level. Meaning, that the powerful would willingly accommodate Black and poor people without making real change to do so. They would gladly adjust the chairs on the Titanic without changing course.

Taken in context of the times: King was being guided by a larger more spiritual observation. One he could not simply keep to himself. He realized he was indeed encountering a dark force that was very clear about who and what it was and it had no misgivings about its intentions. He had reached the ultimate boss in the video game. The final level and was defeated. Conversely, Moses rescued his people, he did not try to save Egypt. Y'all better get ready.

What to do? En mass, we aren't ready. But at the same time, you, me, we were built for this moment. So questions and doubts like: Will I be strong? Will I know what to do? Even if it means death or incarceration am I up to the sacrifice? Are enough people going to fight back? Am I the only person thinking these thoughts? Seeing these signs? These doubts are essentially useless. Set these thoughts and fears aside. You will do what needs to be done when the time presents itself.

In the interim things you can do now. At home: store water and dry goods, arm yourself and grow food. I will be sharing ways to grow food whether you are in an apartment or have a full backyard.

In the community: get to know your neighbors. Tighten your friend circle. Most don't get what's happening. Seek those that do. It will be important to decipher who you can and cannot trust. Become more outspoken. Whether on social media or in person. It will help others to do the same. This is not the time to retreat or compromise your beliefs. This is what fascists count on. Intimidation works until it doesn't.

Practice #mutualaid. This is vital. Find ways to share. Commit to helping others. As the state fails to provide for the people, the people will grow desperate. Your efforts to resist or just survive will have greater impact when people recognize you as a resource. They will hear you. More to come...

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