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Getting Personal Defense Instruction 


When deciding on personal defense training it is important that you set specific goals for yourself. Once set, research and interview prospective instructors. Ask the questions that concern you most. This will be both an investment of your time, money and mind.

Make sure that your goals are achievable working with the instructor you select. If you are new to firearms and armed self defense, ensure that your instructor prioritizes safety, is knowledgeable of firearms, the laws governing self defense and can set a plan for you. If you are an experienced shooter and want something more tactical, ensure that your instructor is a student of armed defense and not just a teacher. Trainors that continue to learn will provide you with the best practices and skill training rather than what they learned in a course a decade ago. 

Designing of your training


As you train you want to become as proficient with the use of your firearm as possible. 

A significant objective of Private Firearms Instruction with us is to explore multiple gun types to beginners who want to learn the basics of firearms. Doing so dispels myths and fosters greater confidence of new shooters which helps to reduce their fears and improve their ability. Even if your goal is specific to a particular type of gun - handgun, rifle or shotgun, having knowledge and exposure to all arms improves ability and increases proficiency more quickly. 

Indoor and outdoor range experiences are critical to your development. Weather conditions, noise, and movement are all important elements of training. Where you train helps with scenarios and self defense under any condition.  We provide experiences that provide you with mental and physical challenges that best prepare you for any self defense circumstance.


Whether you are new to guns or an experienced marksman, we offer instruction and training to ensure that. We also ensure you have knowledge and understanding of self defense law, and practical defense techniques. Our goal is to have you leave confident, competent and safe in your handling of firearms. whether at home, in your vehicle or when carrying your weapon.

We can provide you with the knowledge and skills to keep you and others safe.

Our team of licensed instructors can help you learn how to mitigate the risks of carrying concealed weapons. Take charge of your family’s safety and get the basic knowledge of professional firearms instruction.

Why Take Defensive Firearms Instruction Courses?

In this age of uncertainty, nothing is more important than being ready.

Our defense firearms training classes are designed to share knowledge and information in suitable environments.

These classes are an investment for you and your loved ones' safety. We will teach you to handle firearms anywhere and anytime it is needed. As soon as you have chosen a course of action feel free to contact us. Whether as a new first step or a refresher course continue to advance your skills through training with us.

Private Firearms Instruction

For new to experienced shooters

Pistol ^ Rifle ^ Shotgun

At JIC ADI we offer a variety of personal defense trainings. Choose from private instruction for groups or individuals, for pistol, shotgun and rifle. We offer training for all levels of experience. Let us improve your fundamentals, increase your situational awareness and provide you with a host of information and activities you can take home to practice on your own. Come work with patient instructors that prioritize safety and your personal defense goals. Contact us about scheduling an individual session or a group training for family, friends and familiars.

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