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Concealed Carry Handgun Class

Qualities of a good handgun

When you ask different people what their best gun is, you will get other answers. This is because preferences differ, just like the unique qualities of the guns you would find at any gun shop. While most people may think buying a gun based on the recommendation of a friend or an expert is a good decision, it is a bad one.

You need to know the right qualities to look for in one to get a good gun for you. These qualities include


Gun reliability refers to the ability of your gun to fire accurately and complete its firing cycle when you pull the trigger. The last thing you want is your gun to jam when you are trying to protect yourself from an assailant or a robber. A reliable gun would have high manufacturing quality and high-quality gun parts, so you would find it easy to spot.

However, if the gun is not properly maintained, it tends to be unreliable after some time. For more information on how to test the reliability of any gun, you should register for the Armed defense training in North Carolina or the defensive handgun fundamentals in North Carolina. 


Accuracy and precision 

In some threatening situations, your saving grace might be the one bullet you get to shoot before your assailant gets to you. If your gun is not precise and you are not accurate, you might find yourself missing the shot and unable to protect yourself. 

While accuracy is a function of how good you are with a gun, precision is a function of the quality of the gun itself. While you are out to get a gun, you should ensure that you get a precise one. If you'd like to improve your accuracy with a gun, you can register for Defensive Handgun fundamentals North Carolina or CCH carry classes.


Desperate times require desperate measures. These measures may sometimes include manipulating your gun to get a clear shot. Any good gun should be easy to manipulate, even in threatening situations. However, the sole ability to manipulate any gun lies with you. So get to the shooting range and train with your gun as much as possible. 


If you plan to carry your gun everywhere you go, you want to ensure that your gun can be concealed easily. However, being able to conceal a gun is not as easy as it seems, as you'll have to attend concealed carry Handgun class in North Carolina to learn this "not so easy technique." 

Some of the classes you can attend depending on your location include NC concealed carry Handgun class in North Carolina, Greensboro concealed carry class in North Carolina, Charlotte concealed carry class in North Carolina, Kannapolis concealed carry class in North Carolina, Concord concealed carry class North Carolina and so many more. 




Choosing a good gun is essential as it may one day be the only thing that stands between you and threatening situations. When you eventually find that gun that works for you, don't let it go.

Personal Defense Instruction

Our CCH Classes tend to fill up fast, so make sure to sign up today to reserve your spot. Our instruction covers state law,  elements of self defense, confrontations with law enforcement when armed, what to do when you have a DGU (defensive gun use), and more. 

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