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Peace is preferred...

Choosing to practice armed self defense is not about the weapon in your hands, or the caliber bullet it shoots. It’s about what you value.

The truth is: You will likely never use your firearm for anything other than range training. (That’s actually great.) What you will do is daily remind yourself of your decision to carry every time your holster your weapon and leave the house. the weight is a reminder of a value proposition you’ve decided to accept.

Deciding to carry a firearm for protection of self, Family, Home and community has everything to do with what you value. It comes with significant life changing, even life ending risk. So each day you carry you are estimating that the value proposition with the risk involved is worth it.

We agree. Hence the name Just in Case. While peace is preferred, in the event that peace is broken - and escape isn’t possible - armed self defense is a necessity.

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